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A 1-year-old baby died on August 29, 2019 after his foster mother left him in a hot car for hours while she was at work. The baby was found around 5 p.m. inside a car at the Mcmullen Creek Shopping Center near Pineville Matthews Road, Pineville NC.

No criminal charges have been filed against the foster mother at the moment. Cars get hot very quickly sitting idle in the sun, so hot that even most adults can't bear it.

With her child in the vehicle, the mother drove to the shopping center, got out of the vehicle, and left her child inside of the vehicle. The mother says she didn't realize she left her baby in the car.

Officials say when the mother found her child, she frantically called 911 for help. When emergency personnel arrived on scene they tried to save the child. Subsequently the child was rushed to Atrium Pineville, where the child was pronounced dead.

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