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Darian Bennett, 38, is accused of murdering his 1-year-old daughter Jaquari Bennett in Riverdale, GA on June 12, 2022. Darian is also believed to of murdered Jaquari's mother Keashawn Washington, 38. Darian then killed himself.

Jaquari Bennett and Darian Bennett

Jaquari Bennett and Darian Bennett

On June 11, 2022 Darian is accused of shooting at the home on his baby's mother. Darian is accused of shooting Keashawn to death in the head. He is also accused of shooting Jaquari's grandmother multiple times.

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Darian is then accused of entering the home and kidnapping baby Jaquari. An Amber Alert was eventually issued. On June 12, 2022 Darian called 911 and said that he was about to kill himself behind a church. Darian shot and killed baby Jaquari behind the church in a wooded area and then killed himself.

Cops later arrived to the church to find the baby and Darian dead from gunshot wounds.  

The shot grandmother was hospitalized in critical condition.