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Charlotte was very violent over the weekend, racking up 4 homicides. A total of 5 homicides occurred in less than a week. The most recent murder was on July 17, 2022 on McAlway Road Charlotte, NC inside an apartment. 

Around 3 a.m., shots were fired at an apartment. A victim was inside the apartment suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The victim was pronounced deceased by medics.

Montereo Adams, 29, was murdered on his birthday July 17, 2022 an hour before the McAlway homicide.

38-year-old Lamar Weathers was murdered on July 16, 2022 on North Tryon Street.

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Jeremiah Brice, 23, was killed in what police say was a homicide on July 14, 2022.

Karen Baker, 48, was shot and killed on July 13, 2022 during an ATM robbery where she was the victim.