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Diamonte Williams, 23, had a very bad day, because he got arrested shortly after being in a gruesome car accident in Charlotte, NC.

On Monday Diamonte was involved in a wreck in which a vehicle he was driving or riding in hit a utility pole, badly injuring him.  

Police and other emergency crews arrived on scene per protocol. Cops ran Diamonte's identification and saw that he had warrants out for his arrest for possessing a stolen firearm and possessing firearm by a felon. 

On 10/20/2018 Diamonte was allegedly in possession of a stolen gun in the back of a Cookout Restaurant on Freedom Drive. But Diamonte was gone by the time police arrived.

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So, a few days later on the day of the car wreck cops were able to arrest Diamonte after running his information. 

Possession of firearm by a felon charges almost always equate to prison time.