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You probably don't wan't to eat at a restaurant that had several dead roaches. Bar Louie located at 8750 J M Keynes Dr Charlotte, North Carolina received a horrible 88.50 health score during a October 15, 2019 health inspection.

Several dead roaches were found near the back door and the back storage room.

There was also food being stored at unsafe temperatures of 47F and 45-49F. All food stored above 43 was discarded. There was no certified food protection manager on site.

A food employee went from being on their phone to trying to handle clean dishes, phones are very dirty. The inspector made the employee wash hands before food prepping or handling clean utensils.

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The hand sink at a server station had no access to paper towels.

The area underneath a 3-comp sink was heavily soiled from leaking pipes and food debris.