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32-year-old Ahylea Willard was murdered on October 23, 2022 in Charlotte, NC. Ahylea was shot in the neck.

Ahylea Willard

Ahylea Willard

Ahylea was shot and killed at apartments on Snow Lane. Ahylea was found dead at the apartments near a wooded area. Ahylea was shot in the neck with wet blood still on the scene.

Ahylea was found by several people that lived at the apartments. Video that has since been taken down shows multiple people on Facebook Live gathering around Ahylea's dead body.

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Ahylea may of been shot overnight and found hours later. The people around her body were conspiring to steal the gold belt and gold jewelry she was wearing.  A bystander can be heard saying I'm about to get gloves and take her jewelry and belt.  

To no surprise, when police arrived on scene, Ahylea's jewelry was gone.

No arrests have been made.