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Yvonne Caldwell, 20, was an employee at a Belk in Charlotte, NC, she admitted to stealing over $2500 in expensive designer clothes, including a Polo jacket. The Christmas holiday season always results in department store employees feeling a need for greed, as many end up getting arrested for theft related offenses.

Yvonne worked at the Belk located in the ritzy Southpark Mall.

Yvonne was arrested on December 14 charged with stealing $2,547 in Polo jackets, infant clothing, a track suit, and other expensive items.

Loss prevention reported that on 11/29/2018 Yvonne selected items of merchandise and assisted other people in stealing the items. Yvonne also selected items and attempted to exit the store with them herself but was stopped by loss prevention associates.

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Upon an interview by Belk Loss Prevention Yvonne admitted to multiple thefts during her employment. The subject was charged with felony larceny by employee.