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Davianna Denardo, 18, was arrested for embezzlement when she decided to do Christmas shopping via fraud at her Belk's job.

Davianna was an employee at the Charlotte, NC Belk store in Northlake Mall.

The Grinch must be proud.

On December 4, 2018, Belk's asset protection team notified management that Davianna was fraudulently creating gift cards for her own personal use during the performance of her professional duties.

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Davianna racked up nearly $1,000 in fraudulent gift card money. Davianna even went so far as to buy expensive clothes and perfumes.

Belk management confronted Davianna about her fraudulent deeds and at that moment Davianna broke out in tears and confessed to her crimes.

Police were called and Davianna was arrested on site for embezzlement.