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Tyler Terry, 26, is accused of murdering 4 people in a violent crime spree. On May 24, 2021 Tyler was arrested and taken into custody in Chester County, South Carolina. 

Tyler Terry (Black Shirt)

Tyler Terry (Black Shirt)

In total, Tyler has been linked to four homicides; two murders were in St. Louis County, Missouri. Barbara Goodkin was killed in St. Louis on May 15, 2021 during a shooting.

Dr. Sergei Zacharev was also shot and killed in St Louis on the same day. 

Tyler is accused of killing Thomas Hardin in South Carolina. 33-year-old Eugene Simpson was also killed in South Carolina. 

Tyler is charged in all 4 homicides. 

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On May 17, 2021 Tyler got into a shootout with police during a high speed chase. He was able to get away and avoid arrest.  

A massive manhunt of more than 300 law enforcement officers joined the search, including local, state, and federal officers. Helicopters, FBI agents, and local authorities were used in capturing Tyler.

On May 24, 2021 Tyler was spotted wearing no shoes and all black clothing crossing a highway, he ran in the woods. Although Tyler was extremely fast and agile, he was eventually caught hours later. 

At the moment of capture Tyler was tired and thirsty. He was cut up, he had bug bites, and his clothes were torn.

In 2020 a past girlfriend of Tyler claimed that he hit her in the face so hard that she lost hearing in one ear and had her eye swollen shut.