Top (Left to Right): Steven Staples, Scott Brooks, Andres Moscotte, and Anthony Leaks (Bottom Left to Right) Siojvon Joseph and Asa Shannon

Charlotte Alerts

Alleged serial killer is grisly and a convicted felon, 5 innocent people are dead

31-year-old Steven Staples has been arrested, charged with murdering 5 people within weeks in Charlotte, NC and Hickory, NC. The murdered are Scott Brooks, Andres Moscotte who was shot and killed on January 23, 2020 in Hickory, NC, Anthony Leaks, Siojvon Joseph, and Asa Shannon.

Steven is a convicted felon and served 12 years in prison for robbery and a high speed chase. Steven was released from prison in June 2019; the alleged killing spree started shortly afterwards.

Scott was killed on December 9, 2019 in an early morning robbery in Charlotte NC. Steven and Terry Conner, 33, were charged with the homicide.

Andes Moscotte, 23, was killed on January 23, 2020 during an altercation at a residence in Hickory, NC. Andes was shot and died on site. Steven and other men were arrested and charged with the murder of Andes.

Anthony Leaks, 40, was shot and killed on December 23, 2019 inside of a residence in Charlotte.

Siojvon Joseph, 35, and Asa Shannon, 35, were killed in a double homicide shooting on January 11, 2020 on the side of a road in a SUV. The two were both shot and died on the scene.

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This is the most racist publication I've come across. When white people kill, rape, and are promoting child pornography or shooting up schools, this publication NEVER emphasizes their race. But when black person does a murder this publication places emphasis on race. Piece of shit writers and editors here, and its wonderful that people like this won't be around much longer.