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Dionte Long, 27, was arrested charged with the murder of his mother, Marcella Thrash, 50, on Hubbard Point Drive Charlotte, NC. But Dionte was found not guilty by a judge on Halloween 2019, all by way of insanity.

On April 10, 2017 Dionte was accused of stabbing his mother to death in the garage while it was up. It was alleged that a neighbor saw Dionte stabbing his mother repeatedly; that neighbor immediately called police.

But by the time police showed up Marcella was already dead.

Dionte was still at the murder scene when cops arrived and they took him in for questioning. The determination was made to arrest Dionte and charge him with murder.

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At trial Dionte was seen by 3 doctors and they all came to the conclusion that he was mentally ill. Because of that, a judge ruled Dionte not guilty for the murder of his mother.