Dionte Long and Marcella Thrash

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A insanity claim got a man off the hook after he was accused of killing his own mother

Dionte Long, 27, was arrested charged with the murder of his mother, Marcella Thrash, 50, on Hubbard Point Drive Charlotte, NC. But Dionte was found not guilty by a judge on Halloween 2019, all by way of insanity.

On April 10, 2017 Dionte was accused of stabbing his mother to death in the garage while it was up. It was alleged that a neighbor saw Dionte stabbing his mother repeatedly; that neighbor immediately called police.

But by the time police showed up Marcella was already dead.

Dionte was still at the murder scene when cops arrived and they took him in for questioning. The determination was made to arrest Dionte and charge him with murder.

At trial Dionte was seen by 3 doctors and they all came to the conclusion that he was mentally ill. Because of that, a judge ruled Dionte not guilty for the murder of his mother.

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I’m the sister of Marcella Lightner Thrash. The courts had him sitting in an institution for a year and half before they evaluated him. The prosecution office told my family and I that he was being treated to be able to aid in his defense. Because he was not competent to stand trial. The judge said that after 18 months 3 Psychiatrist had evaluated my nephew and said that he’s not guilty due to reasons if I sanity. The judge went on to say that he has been suffering from mental illness for a very long time. So if he’s been suffering from mental illness for a very long time why the hell did Carolina medical and Presbyterian Hospital‘s along with Winston-Salem psychiatric keep releasing my nephew back to his mother who said to all of them the voices in my head says to kill my mother and then kill myself but he never harmed himself. Not to mention my nephew killed his mother three days before his 27th birthday because she would not give him money after he spent all of his disability money on a tattoo. That’s all he would do with his money is get tattoos. My nephew gave a one and a half hour long confession at the Mecklenburg County police station and the police asked him 2 questions were you aware of what you were doing and did you know the consequences and he responded yes. He also posted my sisters slain body with her neck/and blood running down the concrete on his Instagram page. I believe the judge and the prosecutions office did not want to bring this to trial because we are black and they did not want to put any money in my nephews case. Plus my nephew was the beneficiary of his mother’s life insurance policy which still have not been paid to my sisters estate.

We need justice for my sister Marcella Lightner Thrash. She served her country 20 years in the US Marine Corps and never got into any trouble and never went to war she was a double sharpshooter and this woman worked hard just bought a house so her spoiled selfish only child I have an outlet to deal with his so-called mental illness and this is the thanks that she gets after living a good life and being a good person and doing the right thing as a mother and not put her son out like his father said. His father was never really in his life whenever he would be hospitalized he would only come see his son in the hospital he never took the time out once his son was diagnosed with this illness in 2012 he never research how to hell all of a sudden his son gets schizophrenia. My sister advocated for mental illness by joining a group called NAMI national alliance on mental illness so she can understand the illness and how to deal with it as a parent looking after a love one with this illness but his father didn’t do nothing in his stepmother didn’t do nothing no one on his father side advocated for this illness. And if you’re so mentally insane why haven’t you picked up the phone to call your mother side of the family the only people my nephew talk to is his father and his father side of the family so how insane are you truly you are aware of what you did and you are aware of the consequences and one day he can go in front of the judge and the judge could say you’re no longer mentally ill you’re free to go into the world and he does not have to contact the victims family because according to the state of North Carolina in a county and Mecklenburg County he is not guilty due to reason of insanity and they don’t know us an explanation how fucked up is that!!’


So if he is not guilty then wtf is he?? No question is WHERE THE FUCK IS HE AT NOW? He need to be in an institution and off the streets. If he will kill his own mother he will kill anyone.