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On December 8, 2021 Darius Perry, 24, pled guilty to the murder of 22-year-old De’Monte Perkins. The murder was in 2017 within a Charlotte, NC neighborhood.

De’Monte Perkins and Darius Perry 

De’Monte Perkins and Darius Perry 

The murder was in 2017 on Windy Valley Rd. De'Monte was set up during a robbery attempt. During the robbery, Darius shot and killed the victim. 

The murder had West Charlotte police on alert as they searched the suspect's home. Although Darius was not found in the search. Darius had fled to Atlanta. He was arrested a month after the murder in Atlanta. 

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In 2021, after jury selection began in the murder trial, Darius decided to plead guilty to second degree murder and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. He was sentenced to 221-278 months in prison. Charges against a codefendant in this case remain pending.