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Marlo Johnis Medina-Chevez, 44, was murdered while driving for UBER in Charlotte, NC. On August 11, 2021 Diontray Adams, 29, was convicted of murdering Marlo. A second suspect, James Stevens, 24, plead guilty to murdering Marlo.

TOP: Marlo Johnis Medina-Chevez BOTTOM: Diontray Adams and James Stevens

TOP: Marlo Johnis Medina-Chevez BOTTOM: Diontray Adams and James Stevens

Diontray was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison, his trial ended today with a jury’s guilty verdict. 

On the evening of May 20, 2017, Marlo left his home in a blue Nissan Pathfinder to work as an Uber driver in Charlotte, NC.

Unrelated, a woman driving for Uber was shot in the head while dropping off a passenger in 2019. 

Meanwhile, Diontray and James made a plan to rob the Uber driver, prosecutors say. After Marlo picked Diontray and James up, Diontray pulled out a BB pistol, which appeared to be a real pistol, and pointed it at Marlo, according to court statements. 

But Marlo fought back and grabbed the gun. In the struggle that followed, prosecutors say Diontray pulled Marlo into the back seat and slit his throat with a utility knife. Blood splattered on the inside of the vehicle. 

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Diontray and James reportedly drove Marlo's vehicle to York County South Carolina and left his dead body in a random field. When Marlo did not return home, his family reported him missing. 

With the help of a police canine, Marlo's dead body was found with his hands and legs bound with duct tape. Marlo had blunt force trauma to his head area.

Marlo's debit card had been used in Maryland. On May 22, 2017, authorities in Maryland notified police detectives in Charlotte that Marlo’s blue Nissan Pathfinder had been seen near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. 

When Maryland law enforcement stopped the vehicle, Diontray and James were among the occupants. Analyzing phone records, the FBI determined the suspects Diontray and James had been in the area of Rock Hill, South Carolina around the time of the murder. 

Diontray was convicted of first degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. James plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and armed robbery. 

A UBER driver in California admitted to sexually assaulting a woman.

Jacquez Moore, 19, was killed on Super Bowl Sunday while sitting in a UBER ride.

A Hood Uber driver shot and killed a man who police say was trying to rob him. The Facebook live video saved the driver from going to jail.