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Nasty is, is nasty does. Bojangles scored a horrific 87 B score during a food safety inspection on October 12, 2020 at the 9075 Lawyers Rd. Mint Hill, NC location. Several Bojangles employees were seen touching dirty soiled wet wiping cloths with the same single use gloves on without changing the gloves before prepping food items and assembling sandwiches.

The inspector made the employees wash their hands and change their gloves. The food that the employees touched was discarded because it was contaminated.

Even worse, Bojangles employees were touching their face masks, picking up soiled equipment off the floor, and handling money without washing hands before returning to food prep. There were multiple metal pans and some plastic salad mixing bowls observed with food debris still on them. The inspector had them rewashed.

Raw chicken breasts were observed being cooked below 165F. To prevent food borne illness raw chicken must be cooked above 165F. Coleslaw and salad were being held at unsafe temperatures above 41F. The coleslaw and salad was discarded.

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Two pans of chicken supremes and two pans of fried chicken breasts/legs were observed below temperature. Multiple foods in the flip top cooler were observed above 41F, which is unsafe, the inspector saw to it that the foods were thrown away.

The display case and flip top prep unit were not at adequate cold holding temperatures. Both products must be fixed. Equipment in the kitchen was dirty with food residue and were in need of more frequent cleaning. Also several pans were observed stacked together wet, which can create mold and mildew.