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The Bojangles located a 1604 Galleria Blvd. Charlotte, NC received an 88 health score on August 22, 2019.

During the inspection a overall lack of control throughout the kitchen was evidenced by poor hand washing, equipment and utensil cleanliness, poor glove usage, improper cold holding, and hand sink usage.

Shockingly, the person in charge is a certified food protection manager.

Bojangles employees were repeatedly seen moving from raw to ready to eat foods, from register/money handling to food prep, and from cleaning to food preparation without washing their hands. Now that can actually cause diseases.

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An employee use gloved hands to put raw sausage on the stove, the employee then touched and handled several clean dishes used for ready to eat foods.

Bojangles employees were observed preparing food without effective hair restraints.

The inspector observed surfaces of equipment throughout Bojangles including but not limited to counters, walk in cooler handles, walk in cooler walls, interiors of refrigeration, and prep surfaces with grease build up and food debris.