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The Bojangles at 4435 Randolph Rd. Charlotte, NC scored an 86.50 B on a May 26, 2021 health inspection. Bojangles' employees had several drinks on the prep counters. 

There was even a live roach and several flies in the restaurant. The inspector recommended for Bojangles to increase pest control methods to eliminate pests. See video of how a Waffle House restaurant had flying roaches in Charlotte.

There were several employees not properly washing hands when needed during the inspection at Bojangles. In fact, a employee's hands were touching ice when they were scooping ice with a cup with no gloves on.

Furthermore, the chicken was not fully cooked to a safe temperature of 165F in the fryer.

Another Bojangles was shutdown due to an employee infected with the Coronavirus. 

Food had to be thrown away because the Bojangles employees didn't write control times for the hot held food on the line or the drive thru line.

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Several employees were not wearing protective head coverings. The inside of the biscuit cooler was dirty and needed cleaning. 

Thorough cleaning is needed to the floors, walls, and ceilings of the Bojangles. 

33-year-old Ronnie Franklin was shot and killed at the Bojangles located on 300 West Blvd, Charlotte, NC.


Bojangles employees were seen touching trash and then cooking food without washing their hands.

A Bojangles scored a horrific 87 B score during a food safety inspection, due to employees touching dirty rags and not washing hands. 

Another Bojangles received an 85.50 B health score on Halloween during a health inspection.