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The Bojangles located at 5231 Old Dowd Road Charlotte, NC received an 87.50 B score on a food safety inspection on July 8, 2022. An employee handled dirty soiled equipment and then handled clean equipment without washing their hands.

bojangles IMG_0348

Raw bacon was stored over ready to eat eggs in the walk-in cooler. The inspector observed several stacks of pans and utensils that were stored as clean according to the manager, but they had food debris left on them. The pans and utensils had to be re-washed. 

The flip top unit was functioning above 41F holding cut lettuce, sliced cheese, pimento cheese, and shredded lettuce, the food had to be discarded due to unsafe temperatures. Food is required to be held at or below 41F.

The inspector saw numerous flies throughout the restaurant and kitchen. The inspector also observed dead brown bugs throughout the Bojangles kitchen.

Several Bojangles employees were wearing bracelets and watches while preparing foods. State law prohibits wearing jewelry while handling foods.

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There were several temperature controlled holding units either malfunctioning or not functioning at all.

All cooking equipment, handles to cold holding equipment and shelving throughout the Bojangles were in need of cleaning due to food debris and grease residue build up.