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It is nothing new for Bojangles restaurants to get bad health inspection scores. As there have been many in the past:

Bojangles gets bad score due to hair restraints and lack of hand washing.

Another Bojangles performed badly during a health inspection too.

But a February 19, 2020 inspection resulted in a Bojangles with a 86.50 B score. The inspection was at the Bojangles on 6915 Albemarle Rd. Charlotte, NC.

For starters, no employee was present with proof of a valid certified food protection certificate. There was also no managerial control observed in the restaurant during inspection to ensure practices such as maintaining temperatures, hand washing, and other food safety measures were being followed.

When questioned, multiple employees were not aware of the employee health policy or where to locate/get more information.

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A Bojangles employee was seen touching roasted chicken bites with their bare hands and placing chicken bites back into a pan when the bites fell out of the container onto the counter. The inspector made the employee throw the roasted chicken bites away.

An employee was observed sweeping floors and then attempting to put on gloves to work with food. The inspector made the employee wash hands before donning new gloves.

Paper towels were missing at the hand sink near the chicken breading station and in the women's restroom.

The roasted chicken bites were observed below 135F in two hot holding units.

Multiple foods were observed in the prep unit and underneath the reach-in cooler at 51F. The temperature is supposed to be 41F or below. An employee was working with food without a hair restraint.

Also an employee was washing metal pans and then attempting to place wet pans into storage compartments without drying them. The inspector made the employee dry the pans.