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Masks are required for restaurant employees during the Coronavirus. The Bojangles restaurant located at 6915 Albemarle Road Charlotte, NC scored very poorly on a food safety inspection on February 17, 2021.

The same Bojangles scored an 86.50 B score in February 2020.

Bojangles scored an 88 B on the most recent inspection. Employees were observed touching masks while on their face and touching their clothing while continuing to prep food without washing their hands.

Other Bojangles employees were seen touching trash, touching their worn face masks, and sweeping with single use gloves on and then proceeding to work with food without washing their hands or changing gloves.

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Even the dish washer employee was seen handling dirty dishes and then touching clean dishes without washing his/her hands in between. There was no certified food protection manager present at the facility during the inspection. The gravy and fried chicken patties were hot holding below temperature.

Multiple foods in the flip top/reach-in cooler unit were at unsafe temperatures above 41F; the foods had to be discarded. Two prepped salads and a container of coleslaw were prepped at an unknown date and had to be thrown away.

The inspector saw french fries without a time stamp, the inspector then had the fries discarded. An employee was seen preparing sandwiches and food with artificial nails. One container of coleslaw had a handle submerged in food.

Metal pans were being stacked wet. Dishes are mandated to be stacked dry, because wet dishes stacked may cause mold or mildew. Single service drink trays were in a open box on the floor in the back of the kitchen.

The interior of cold holding units and the exterior of multiple pieces of equipment had massive food accumulation and grease build up.