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18-year-old Ivana Espinosa got left high and dry by her boyfriend at an AT&T store in Charlotte, NC. The two were attempting to fraudulently buy IPhone XS Maxs valued at $1,400 each, all on another man's account. When employees caught on, Ivana's boyfriend ran from the scene leaving her to get arrested.

This could be an "Ivana Fix My Life" episode, or better yet how about an 'Ivana fix my boyfriend' episode.

On Wednesday Ivana and her boyfriend Lewis Lora entered the AT&T business located at 5940 Fairview Rd. They tried to purchase two gold IPhone XS Maxs at a total of $2800 on a man's account that lived in St. Louis. AT&T called the man to verify if the suspects had permission to add the phones to the account. Of course the victim refused permission for the transaction to go through, and denied knowing the suspects. 

Unbeknownst to the suspects, AT&T then called police. The company also advised the suspects that there were no more gold IPhone XS Maxs, but other colors were available. Ivana then agreed to just take what was available.

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Lewis saw police approaching and then he ran out of the store. Ivana was left by her lonesome, only to be arrested for conspiracy charges. Ivana admitted to cops that Lewis is her boyfriend.

Lewis has still not been caught.