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The famous uptown Charlotte, NC Carolina Ale House received a bad 83 health score during a 2020 Valentines Day inspection. The 201 South College Street location earned a horrible health score for various reasons.

There was chili cooked from the day before at an unsafe temperature, the chili had to be discarded. Also, grilled onions and mashed potatoes were holding below 135F, both were ordered to be discarded.

During the inspection pico was expired in the walk-in freezer/cooler, the pico had to be discarded.

The prep top cooler and cooler drawers were not functioning properly. There were wet stacked pans that were stored as clean.

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There was a speed rack blocking the hand sink at the entrance to the kitchen. A drinking glass was in the hand sink at the bar. The inspector made the employee remove the glass.

There was no quat sanitizer connected to the 3-comp sink where an employee was getting sanitizer from.