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A man who caused an American Airlines’ flight to be diverted to Tulsa, Oklahoma in November 2019 was charged in federal court for engaging in unwanted sexual contact with a female passenger, announced U.S. Attorney Trent Shores.

The suspect identified as James Clayton Cholewinski-Boy is accused of grabbing the private crouch area of a woman on the flight.

American flight 807, traveling from Charlotte, North Carolina to Salt Lake City, Utah was diverted to Tulsa, Oklahoma due to the alleged conduct of passenger Cholewinski-Boy.

Cholewinski-Boy is accused of touching a female passenger's arm who he was sitting beside. The victim pushed the suspect's arm away, The Department of Justice says.

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The suspect is accused of then grabbing the woman's vaginal area, the victim pushed the suspect's hands away and demanded that he stop, The Department of Justice says.

Officials say Cholewinski-Boy then threw up his hands and said sorry. The victim notified airline employees, and she was moved to another seat along with her daughter that was sitting beside her.

The pilot diverted the flight to Tulsa International Airport, where Cholewinski-Boy was arrested by airport police for public intoxication. Eventually, Cholewinski-Boy was also charged with abusive sexual contact.

U.S. Attorney Trent Shores says:

"The public should know these allegations pertain to criminal sexual misconduct by Mr. Cholewinski-Boy against a female passenger, not a threat to the plane or air travel. The Federal Bureau of Investigation along with Tulsa International Airport law enforcement officers responded swiftly and professionally to this situation as soon as the plane touched down in Tulsa.