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On November 5, 2022 Paul Mobley was involved in a child custody dispute with the mother of his child at Marvin Elementary School in Waxhaw, NC. Paul was arrested after an alleged gun fell from his waist band during the argument.

Paul Mobley

Paul Mobley

Patrol deputies were dispatched to Marvin Elementary School's soccer field to investigate a domestic disturbance during a soccer game.

Once on scene, deputies learned that the disturbance began after a disagreement between Paul and the mother of his child during a child custody exchange.

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During the incident cops say a firearm fell from Paul onto the ground in between the other parties involved in the disturbance.

Deputies determined that Paul does not possess a valid concealed carry permit and obtained warrants for his arrest for the felony offense of possession of a weapon on school property.

Paul was arrested and taken to the Union County Jail.

Sheriff Eddie Cathey released a statement: 

“Bringing a firearm onto a school campus in such a reckless manner is both extremely dangerous and a crime and I am thankful that no one was injured. Parents who are regularly involved in child custody exchanges should use caution and take advantage of safe, local drop-off points such as the Sheriff’s Office parking lot to ensure their child’s safety as well as their own. I am proud of our deputies who responded quickly and thoroughly investigated this incident which ultimately led to the arrest of the suspect.”