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Alfie Farlow, 54, will have a magnificent Christmas with his family after he won $2 million in the North Carolina Powerball Lottery on December 20, 2021 at the Sam’s Mart on Providence Road Charlotte, NC.

“I told them, ‘I think our life is about to change,’” Alfie told his family.

Alfie said the first thing he is going to do with his winnings is put some money into an account for his two young daughters for their college tuition.

Alfie bought 3 Quick Pick Power Play tickets from the gas station. He said he got up and went to work the next day without even thinking about the Powerball tickets.

After he got off work, Alfie said he looked at the Powerball numbers on his friend’s phone to see if he won.

“I saw they were a match and I didn’t believe it,” Farlow said. “It feels so surreal. You’re almost too scared to really believe it.”

Alfie's $2 million win was the largest prize won in the country in the December 20th drawing.

Alfie is a machinist, and wants to buy a new home and possibly start his own trucking business.

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2 days after winning, Alfie arrived at lottery headquarters on Wednesday December 22nd to collect his money. After required federal and state tax with-holdings, Alfie took home $1,415,000.


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