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Alvin Livingston won the lottery!! Alvin purchased a $1 Cash 5 ticket and was shocked to learn it won him a $696,227 lottery jackpot. Alvin won the jackpot at the Quik Trip gas station on Central Avenue Charlotte, NC.

“It feels unbelievable,” Alvin said of his big win.

Alvin claimed his prize at lottery headquarters in Raleigh, NC on February 1, 2021 and took home $492,581 after required federal and state tax with-holdings.

Carolina Cash 5 tickets are $1 and drawings are held every night. The odds of winning a Cash 5 jackpot are 1 in 962,598.

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Cash 5 is one of four lottery games in North Carolina where players have the option of buying their tickets through online play either through the lottery’s website or with the NC Lottery Official Mobile App.