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On November 2, 2021 the kid version of the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 arrived in Charlotte, NC. 


13,500 COVID-19 vaccine doses arrived, meant for children 5-11 years old. The new kid safe Coronavirus vaccine doses are available for kids in Mecklenburg County. 

Distribution logistics are being arranged, along with details, locations, and events. The children's vaccines received FDA emergency use authorization, but Mecklenburg County is waiting for final approval from the CDC.

Charlotte and Mecklenburg County has been plagued by COVID-19 deaths and mask mandates. Even the Mecklenburg County Court had a COVID-19 outbreak and had to be shut down for a few days.   

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Mecklenburg County Detention Officer Coretta Downing, 51, died on August 12, 2020 due to complications from COVID-19.

A Mecklenburg County jail inmate died during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

A mask mandate was issued for Mecklenburg County in October 2021, and is still active in November 2021. 

A similar mask mandate was issued by the Mayor of Charlotte. 

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper issued a stay at home order during the pandemic.  

Things got so bad with COVID-19 that barbershops were ordered to close by the N.C. Governor.