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Nahzir Taylor, 17, died on December 2, 2022 after being shot while getting off the school bus on Lanza Drive Charlotte, NC.

Nahzir Taylor

Nahzir Taylor

Nahzir was shot on November 30, 2022 on Lanza Drive at 3 p.m. after getting off the school bus. Several teenagers approached Nahzir and began chasing him.

The suspects then shot Nahzir. The suspects got in a vehicle and fled. Nahzir was  taken to Atrium Hospital with life threatening injuries.

The victim was rushed into emergency surgery at the hospital. Doctors provided emergency care for the teenage patient. The victim had extensive internal brain bleeding.

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Sadly Nahzir died at the hospital on December 2nd. Nahzir was a student at Rocky River High School.

A minor teen suspect was arrested on December 1, 2022 and charged with attempted murder. Once Nahzir died, the suspect's charges were upgraded to murder.

Nahzir's family member identified as Donald Scott Taylor, 21, was murdered in Charlotte on Memorial Day weekend 2022 at a Quik Trip gas station. 

The neighborhood where Nahzir was shot is a new community.