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This Cheddar's is known for bad health inspection scores. The Cheddar's restaurant at 620 University Center Blvd. Charlotte, NC yet again performed horribly during  a health department inspection, scoring a 85 B. The inspection was on December 1, 2021 during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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There was ongoing noncompliance with maintaining HACCP plan issues with cooling and maintaining cold holding.

The health inspector saw several Cheddar's employees touch their masks, touch dirty phones, leave the cook line, and then return to prep food without washing their hands. The inspector had to stop the employees and instruct them to wash their hands. Yuck!! 

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Butter potatoes were sitting on a rack without being covered. Also unwashed blueberries were over a cake in the reach-in cooler unit.

Sliced tomatoes, shredded cheese, lettuce, blue cheese dressing, and raw beef were all above 41F at unsafe temperatures. Some of the food had to be discarded.  

There were plates and bowls stored at the plating area with food debris. The personal items of Cheddar's employees were stored in food storage areas in the kitchen and bar areas.

The inspector saw pink debris in the ice machine. Metal pans and plates were wet stacked. Wet stacking can lead to mildew buildup.