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The Chicken King restaurant located at 7825 Nations Ford Rd. Charlotte, NC received a whopping 85.50 health score during a October 9, 2019 health department inspection. The Chicken King facility permit was even suspended.

A 3 comp sink had a plumbing issue that was not allowing for hot or cold water to be accessed which was causing utensil buildup. The Chicken King facility had no way to actively wash dishes and was in danger of cross contamination. As a result the facility permit was suspended until hot water is able to be accessed at the 3 comp sink.

The inspections noted dirty dishes that were stored as cleaned and soiled to touch. There was also a heavy food buildup along the interior of the slicer.

There was a food employee that used gloved hands to touch raw burgers and then proceed to continue to food prep without glove changing or hand washing in between.

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A food employee was seen touching hat with gloved hands and then proceed to do food prep without glove changing or hand washing in between. A food employee also touched raw burgers with gloved hand and then proceed to touch salt shakers and other prep items without hand washing or glove changing.

A good deep cleaning is needed on all equipment in the kitchen. The inspector observed several soiled items throughout facility (prep surfaces, cold holding equipment, sink basins, fryers etc.)

The vacuum breaker on the can wash was damaged and leaked during the point of use.