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Rasheena Perry faces child endangerment charges after she admitted to beating two children in her care and then left her own two-month-old child alone in an apartment in Des Moines, Iowa.

Rasheena Perry, 30, is charged with 3 counts of child endangerment – two of which caused bodily injury.

The incident happened at a southside apartment building in July 2019. Rasheena allegedly attacked two girls under the age of fourteen, who she is a guardian for, while they were in a bathtub.

A complaint accuses her of throwing objects at the kids and hitting them. Rasheena also choked one of the victims with her hands and wrapped a shower curtain around the other child’s head.

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One of the girls jumped off a second-story balcony to get away.

Rasheena cut her hand in the attack and smeared blood around the apartment building, then ran outside naked, leaving her two-month-old daughter alone.