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6-year-old Aiden Leos was shot and killed during a road rage incident on the 55 Freeway in Orange County, California on Friday morning May 21, 2021. Aiden's mother was driving him to his first day of kindergarten when a violent driver shot into their vehicle.

Aiden Leos

Aiden Leos

Aiden was sitting in a booster seat in the vehicle. Aiden's mother was driving on the highway when another driver in a car began beeping the horn and making gestures at the victim family over a traffic motion. 

The mother made a gesture back at the suspect vehicle. That is when the suspect fired a gunshot at the victim's vehicle. The mother heard a noise but didn't realize the suspect had shot a gun.

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It was not until Aiden said "mommy my tummy hurts" that the mother looked back and realized that Aiden had been shot in the stomach. Blood was all over the seats and on Aiden's clothes as his mother held him and attempted to save him. 

911 was called and Aiden was quickly taken to a hospital, where unfortunately he died.

The suspect kept driving and has not been apprehended. See here how several children have been killed in violent shootings recently.