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Restaurants that get bad health inspections during the Coronavirus are red flags. The Chili's Grill & Bar got a whopping 86.50 health score during a July 27, 2020 inspection, that is a B score and not good at all. The Chili's is located at 8164 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC.

Lets talk about how the Chili's had to close temporarily first. Several foods in the walk in cooler were at an unsafe temperature of greater than 41 degrees. All of that food had to be discarded and the facility was closed temporarily. It is not clear when or if they are back open.

The manager in charge during the inspection failed to control temperatures in the facility and maintain the equipment. The manager was seen handing raw meat and then changing gloves to work with ready to eat foods without washing hands between the glove change.

Food debris was on pans that were stored as clean. The dish machine did not even have sanitizer and the restaurant had no sanitizer to refill it with. Liquid drips from the compressor unit was dripping onto food, the inspector thankfully ordered the food to be discarded.

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The inspector observed the manager working with food and not wearing a hair restraint. The gaskets on most prep units were in need of replacement and the walk in cooler was in need of repair.

There was a build up of food debris on the faces of equipment and also the crevices of the equipment.