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On November 16, 2021 the Chili's Bar & Grill on 2521 Sardis Rd. Charlotte, NC scored an extremely terrible 78 C on a health and safety food inspection. The same Chili's restaurant scored poorly in June 2021 due to poor communication of food safety practices. 


The inspector observed a lack of oversight throughout the kitchen as evidenced by improper hand washing, glove usage, hot holding, and the availability of hand sinks. 

A Chili's employee was eating tomatoes while he was prepping them. The employee was eating the tomatoes with gloves on, he then moved to prep other food items without first washing his hands and changing gloves. The inspector demanded that the rest of the tomatoes on the sheet pan be discarded.

Per state law, employees must eat only in areas that do not contaminate restaurant food items or equipment. 

Another Chili's employee was seen handling a personal cell phone and move to handle food items without washing hands or changing gloves. Also there were various Chili's employees touching their clothes and masks, while then proceeding to handle food items without first washing their hands or changing their gloves. 

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An employee was even seen handling raw chicken at the breading station, and attempting to change their gloves without first washing their hands.

There was no soap able to be dispensed at the hand sink by the dish machine.

The Chili's restaurant had no parasite destruction letter provided for salmon that is served undercooked. State law requires a parasite destruction letter for any undercooked seafood items.

An employee's jacket was on the surface of the bar. Further, an employee's phone was stored on the food prep top. 

Employee drinks and food were stored on food prep tops throughout the facility. 

A Chili's restaurant had to close after scoring very poorly during a health inspection and having foods at unsafe temps. 

A phone charger was found in lettuce at another Chili's restaurant.