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The Chili's Bar & Grill located at 8302 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC scored a horrendous 84.50 B on a food safety inspection on May 18, 2021. A phone charger was dangling in lettuce. 

There were boxes of food stored on the floor during the inspection.   

A Chili's employee handled their personal beverage and then attempted to prep food without washing their hands or changing gloves. The inspector directed the employee to wash their hands.

Feta cheese at Chili's was held past the 7 day expiration date marking requirement and had to be discarded. There were several small flies in the dish area of Chili's.

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An employee's drink was stored on top of the cutting board on the cook line.

The inspector observed inadequate training in food handling and food safety throughout the Chili's restaurant. The inspector recommended that all employees at the Chili's location receive updated training.

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An Chili's employee's phone charger at the cook line was dangling into lettuce in the prep top. The inspector had the phone charger removed and the lettuce discarded.

Also, an employee's purse was stored on the cook line. 

Cooked ribs, penne pasta, and mixed cheese were cold holding at improper temperatures between 48-51 in prep units; the required temperature is 41F or below.  

There were several metal and plastic containers stored as clean that had food debris and sticker debris present on them. The french fries were hot holding below temperature at 112F.

Another Chili's restaurant in Charlotte had to close temporarily due to a poor health inspection.

Observed prepped lettuce, grilled peppers, guacamole, salsa, and milk stored in reach in coolers without dates marked. The manager was unable to determine when the items were prepped, so all the items had to be thrown away. 

During the inspection there were avocados with stickers still present on them. Fruits and vegetables are mandated to be washed prior to use.

The steam well at Chili's was not designed to properly reheat items in the required time frame.