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On June 23, 2021 the Chili's Bar & Grill on 2521 Sardis Rd. Charlotte, NC scored an 88.50 B on a food safety inspection. Various other local Chili's restaurants have scored low on food health scores also. 

A phone charger was dangling in lettuce at another Chili's.

The inspector observed a lack of oversight throughout the kitchen as evidenced by improper cooling and improper sanitizer usage/concentration. 

The manager at Chili's is a certified food protection manager and has knowledge of food safety practices, however the inspector says food safety has not been well communicated to the Chili's staff.

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Salsa was found at an unsafe temperature and had to be thrown away. 

Sliced cheeses and bean puree were above the 41F temperature cold holding threshold. 

Uncooked burgers and chicken breasts were cold holding above 41F, anything above 41F are deemed unsafe temperatures when refrigerated or cold holding. 

There were several gaskets throughout the Chili's restaurant in disrepair. Cleaning needed to be done to the floors and walls in the Chili's also. 

A Chili's on South Tryon had to temporarily close due to violations in a 86.50 B inspection score.