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There is a serious lack of oversight throughout the kitchen at Chili's Bar & Grill located at 2521 Sardis Rd. Charlotte, NC according to a recent health safety inspection on February 23, 2022. Chili's scored a whopping 73.50 C on the inspection. And this is not the first time Chili's has performed poorly in health inspections.  

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So first lets talk about the roaches that were found in Chili's during the inspection. Several roaches were seen by the inspector inside of Chili's, and most of the roaches were found in the kitchen by the conveyor grill. 

There was improper hot and cold holding temperatures along with improper date marking. Food safety practices have not been well communicated to the Chili's staff, the inspector noted.

An employee drink was stored on the cutting board at the cook line. Also, there was no soap dispensing at the hand sink.

A cutting board was stored as clean, but had food debris present. A scoop was stored as clean but had dried food debris on it.

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Ribs were cold holding at unsafe temperatures of 47F and had to be discarded. Food is required to be chilled at 41F or lower.

The inspector observed significant food debris present inside of all the cold reach-in units. There was also a sticky buildup on the outside of equipment on the cook line. It was also noted that an encrusted grease was present on the outside of the grill. Chili's is in need of a deep cleaning, according to the inspection. 

 The inspector saw an employee jacket stored above the margarita machine at the bar area.

A Chili's had to temporally shutdown due to a bad health score.  

Chili's scored an 78 C due to employees touching masks and not washing their hands. 

Lack of oversight forced a Chili's to get an 88.50 B grade during an inspection.