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Chinese food? An employee tasted soup with bare hands and then began to pan food, the inspector had the food discarded

On September 13, 2019 the China Buffet received a horrendous 87 health inspection score. The China Buffet is located at 8630 University Executive Park Dr. Charlotte, NC.

Open wounds and food service do not mix, that is how open contamination happens. A China Buffet food employee with an open wound on arm was observed. The food health inspector made the employee cover the wound.

The Pho Real Vietnamese restaurant got an 87 score as well.

Things got nastier, a China Buffet food employee was seen tasting soup with bare fingers and then began to pan food. The inspector then saw to it that the food was thrown away, yuck!!

There was no glove use on any food employee upon the inspector entering China Buffet and throughout the inspection.

The inspection noted a food employee touch cooked chicken with bare hands. At the discretion of the inspector the employee threw away the chicken. In the inspectors presence the employees were then told to wash hands and wear gloves.

All of this was done in front of the inspector, imagine what goes on when the food health inspector is not at China Buffet.

The sewage system water was coming up from drains. The smell of sewage does not go well with customers at a restaurant. The ceiling tiles, floors, and walls were in need of cleaning. A phone was sitting on the cutting board by the sushi area. Phones are historically filthy, filled with germs.

A overall trend of food not being covered was noticed at China Buffet, this included raw, frozen, and ready to eat foods.

There were multiple items of raw fish in the freezer sitting exposed on the shelf, also a raw duck was wedged between two boxes of chicken exposed. At the inspectors discretion, all items were discarded.

The inspection observed two dirty buckets where food employees keep clean utensils like spatulas etc, the buckets were soiled and had food debris inside. The inspector had the buckets washed. A knife was stored in between a shelf in the stand up refrigerator, the inspector had the knife washed.

Both ice machine lids had a nasty black build-up inside.

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I just ate there and I see why they got the score they did. Most of the Chinese restaurants are nasty and that is because the workers do not care. I have seen them do some very trifling things with food on the buffet line. They generally do not care about cleanliness


Wow, I eat there all the time. The thing is with Restuarants they all have issues and all do things they shouldn't. I've seen worse on scores in south park area. Let's not make them feel worse then they already do.