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On November 24, 2020 the China Fun restaurant located at 9020 Albemarle Rd. Charlotte, NC scored a terrible 85.50 B during a food safety inspection. The Sunrise restaurant right across the street scored an 88.50 B during a June 2020 food inspection.

A cook was observed walking in the kitchen from the back door and proceeded to prep food without washing his hands. Multiple foods were cold holding at unsafe temperatures above 41F.

There was a China Fun employee seen washing personal dishes in the hand sink in the front of the restaurant.

A cook was dispensing cooked rice from a wok to a to-go container with their exposed thumb inside of the to-go container. The inspector made the employee throw away the food and make a new one.

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Raw animal foods are suppose to be separated from ready-to-eat foods. But at China Fun there was raw chicken observed in a container above cooked beef in the reach-in cooler.

Several foods were held in the restaurant for over 24 hours with no date marking. There was dirty equipment and shelving inside of the cold holding units that were in need of more frequent cleaning.