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The China Inn restaurant scored an 86 B on a food safety inspection on October 8, 2020. China Inn is located at 5630 North Graham St Charlotte, NC. There was no certified food protection manager on site during the inspection, the manager arrived 40 minutes after the inspection had already started.

None of the China Inn employees had any clear knowledge of safe food handling.

In fact an employee dipped their bare finger in soy sauce and then dumped the sauce in a mixture that they were going to cook with. All of this was done right in front of the inspector, it is no surprise that the inspector made the employee discard the sauce.

There were even cigarette ashes in the hand sink near the kitchen area. State law prohibits smoking in kitchens and ashes are not allowed in the hand sink. There was also no hand washing sign at the hand sink.

2 containers of fried chicken and egg rolls were sitting at room temperature next to the grill. No date marking on food or products was found throughout the entire restaurant.
A raw chicken was being prepped in a pan and there was no sanitization afterwards. The inspector saw to it that the pan was washed.

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The inspector observed egg rolls sitting in dirty soiled metal bins that were not approved for food contact surfaces.

Lets talk about all the flies that were in the kitchen area; there were so many flies that it counted as a violation during the inspection. The back door to the facility was cracked open allowing for pest entry.

There were unwashed mushrooms in the prep unit. The manager had the audacity to say the mushrooms do not need to be washed because their food is cooked in boiling water or fried. However, state law requires produce, mushrooms, etc. to be washed.

The shelves were rusted on the bottom of the prep units and hanging shelves. The inspection noted that shelves throughout the facility were in need of cleaning and had food build-up.

China Inn had broken floor tiles in the kitchen area. Also the drains had food build-up.