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On August 29, 2022 the Cottage Express chinese restaurant scored an abhorrent 75.50 C grade on a food safety inspection. The restaurant is located at 1704 Harris Houston Rd Charlotte, NC.


Roaches were in the flour at the Cottage Express. The flour was discarded.

The restaurant was infested with roaches.

The inspector observed roaches inside the mechanical space of the reach-in cooler, roaches on floors, roaches on walls and shelving, roaches on handles of dry good bins, roaches on the ice machine, as well as roaches at various other locations throughout the facility.

There were also flies in the kitchen.

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A Cottage Express employee was smoking while cooking at the grill. The inspector saw this and told the employee to put out the cigarette. Smoking is prohibited inside restaurants. The employee went outside to put the cigarette out and returned to cook without washing hands.

The inspector stopped the employee and instructed them to wash hands. An employee was washing dishes without using sanitizer.

There was debris build up and bugs in the ice machine. The ice machine needed cleaning.

Chicken, pork, and crab sticks were all being held at unsafe temperatures above 41F and they all had to be discarded.

The Cottage Express had no date marking on any food throughout the restaurant.

Bugs were in food at the Ming Fu restaurant during the Coronavirus. 

The inspector saw dead insects on shelves and on the floor behind equipment. Boxes of single service carryout containers were on the floor in the lobby area.

The ice machine was leaking in the back corner and is rusting.