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The Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board of Education will vote on Tuesday April 19, 2022 to decide on whether to terminate the contract of Superintendent Earnest Winston in Charlotte, NC.

Earnest Winston

Earnest Winston

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools announced an emergency meeting that will be on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in the uptown Charlottte Government Center; the reason being, “for matters related to Superintendent Contracts and Attendant Personnel Items.

The school board is reportedly unsatisfied with the superintendent's leadership. Winston's performance review came under fire by the school board last year in 2021. The school board has held several closed session meetings to analyze the superintendent’s performance review.

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The school board reportedly gave Winston a list of action items he was expected to complete in order to avoid termination.

Mr. Winston has been the CMS superintendent for less than 3 years. The last superintendent Clayton Wilcox was suspended and later resigned.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is in line as one of the largest school systems in North Carolina with over 140,000 students and 19,000 employees.