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The Coastal Kitchen & Bar is located inside of the Hilton Charlotte Center City Hotel at 222 East 3rd Street Charlotte, NC. Yet even inside of a nice fancy hotel the Coastal Kitchen & Bar still did terrible, scoring a 87 B score during a March 11, 2020 health inspection.

The Coastal Kitchen & Bar didn't even have a certified food protection manager on site for the first part of inspection, there was also no manager on site during the first part of the inspection.

There was broccoli soup from the day before the inspection with a temperature of 65-50F. The broccoli soup had to be discarded.

All the food in the cooler drawer and the produce cooler had to be discarded because the coolers were at a temperature above 41F. The line cook cracked raw eggs in front of the inspector and then handled ready to eat food with out washing hands or changing gloves.

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There was no date marked on half chickens, chicken wings, grilled chicken, tomatoes, cut fruit, or spinach in various coolers.

There were clean lids stored in a bin with food debris.