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A Cook Out restaurant earned a dismal 88 health score during an inspection on February 7, 2020 at 425 Huntersville Gateway Blvd. Huntersville, NC.

For starters, both ice chutes had a black build-up on the inside. The floors, walls, and ceilings were very dirty and in need of cleaning at the Cook Out.

The grills had a grease build-up and prep units were dirty on the bottom and top. There was no certified food protection manager on site during the inspection.

The inspector observed Cook Out employees come in from outside for the beginning of their shifts and go to put on gloves without washing their hands. The inspector made the Cook Out employees wash their hands and explained the importance of making hand washing a habit.

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There was food that was out of temperature in the top part of two prep units. The food was being refrigerated above 41F, which is unsafe.

During the inspection, tongs were stored inside a dirty soiled sink. Also during the inspection, there were wet stacking dishes in the dish drying area. Dishes are supposed to be stacked dry, to avoid mold and mildew.