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The Cook Out restaurant located at 4321 Sunset Road Charlotte, NC scored an

87.50 B during a June 17, 2022 health safety inspection.

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2 employees washed their hands and then turned off the faucet with their bare hands. A napkin or barrier is suppose to be used to turn off faucets when washing hands. Some restaurants have foot pedal activated faucets that are hands free. 

Another Cook Out employee was seen making bare hand contact with lettuce; the health inspector stopped the employee and demanded that the lettuce be discarded.

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There were unwashed tomatoes over washed pickles.

Cheese was being held at an unsafe temperature of 44F. The ground beef in the cold drawer was being held at an unsafe temperature of 48F.

The cheesecake had to be thrown away due to being held at an unsafe temperature of 56F. 

During the inspection, several flies were observed in the kitchen area.

Cook Out employees were bringing food from home and cooking them on the restaurant grills at the Albemarle Road location.

The 3-comp sink was overflowing and it overflowed 3 times during the inspection. Cook Out can control the flow but the employees were not watching the sink and it was causing back splash issues.

Tile and grout were broken throughout the kitchen.