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The Cook Out fast food restaurant scored an 88 B during a September 3, 2021 food safety inspection. The Cook Out is located at 6438 Albemarle Road Charlotte, NC.

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Upon entry, the inspector observed a large amount of sausages on the grill. Sausage is not one of the menu items served by Cook Out. The Cook Out manager stated the sausages were brought from home by an employee to cook for an employee event.

No receipts of the sausages was produced, and the sausages had to be discarded.  

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A Cook Out employee's drink was stored on the prep cooler near the grill. Tomatoes, shredded cheese, and cole slaw were all held at unsafe temperatures of 57F and had to be thrown away. The food was in the cold condiment cooler top. 

Watch video of a Cook Out armed robbery at a nearby location. 

Cook Out employees working with food were not wearing hair restraints. Also, there was no soap at the restroom hand sink and no soap at the drive thru hand sink.

The meat tenders were coming out of the fryer and transferred to holding without reaching the required proper temperature. 

Raw bacon was stored over ready to eat hot dogs in the walk in cooler. The inspector had the storage order adjusted to where contamination cannot occur.