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Miami-Dade police officer David Behney, 33, was arrested on April 7, 2022 in Dade County Florida, accused of going to child pornography websites and downloading content of children being sexually abused. Police say an additional eight videos of child pornography was found on David's cellphone. 

David Behney

David Behney

David and several unidentified people are accused of exchanging explicit material and substituted the words child pornography with “Cheese Pizza.” 

The arrest warrant claimed the videos depicted children masturbating, giving oral sex and being penetrated by adult men. Children as young as eight years old were seen on video having sexual intercourse with adult men.

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Police were first notified by the popular messaging app Kik in 2021 about a user with child pornography. Police were then able to link the IP address to David’s home, the warrant says.

Police raided David's home and seized his home computer and all other electronic devices. Police say David's WhatsApp account had three child pornography videos. Arrest warrants say the alleged child pornography was found on David's phone.   

David was arrested and charged with 19 felony counts of possession of material showing sexual performance by a child. David has since posted bail and was required to surrender his passport, he is also prohibited from using the internet.