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On New Year's Day 2023 January 1st a Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department squad SUV broke down in the middle of Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC during a chase with a Dodge Charger.

Police SUV breaks down

Police SUV breaks down

Around 10 p.m. a police pursuit began involving a Dodge Charger vehicle due to unknown reasons. The vehicle failed to stop and a brief pursuit began. When the chase reached a straight portion of Independence Blvd., the Dodge Charger accelerated to a very high speed and created distance between the pursuing unit.  

The cop car tried to keep up, but eventually broke down in the middle of Independence Blvd.

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The suspect vehicle got away. It is not known what damage may of been done to the police SUV or why it broke down on a busy road.  

A tow truck was called, and the police SUV was loaded on the bed of the truck.