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Angely Solis, 27, died on November 14, 2022 in Rochester, NY after she was shot by Greece Police Department Officer Tiffani Gatson, 29. The police officer also shot a second woman before she fatally shot herself in the head.

Tiffani Gatson

Tiffani Gatson

Tiffani was in an argument with Angely and the third female. Tiffani then pulled out a 9 mm gun and shot the 2 women. Tiffani then turned the gun on herself and committed suicide, shooting herself in the head.

The Rochester Police Department responded to reports of shots fired at the residence on Costar Street.

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When cops arrived, they found Angely, Tiffani, and a third female outside the residence, all with gunshot wounds.

Angely was pronounced dead at the scene. Tiffani and the other female were taken to a local hospital. It was at the hospital that Tiffani died from her self inflicted gunshot wound.

The other female is expected to recover.