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On September 9, 2022 Ahsim Taylor, 20, and Jayland Womack, 20, were both charged with the murder of Deputy Omar Ursin, 37, of the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Omar was shot and killed on August 28, 2022 in Atascocita, Texas.

Omar Ursin, Ahsim Taylor, and Jayland Womack

Omar Ursin, Ahsim Taylor, and Jayland Womack

Omar had just picked up food for his family around 7 in the evening. Omar was driving in his vehicle when another vehicle with tinted windows pulled up and shot him.

The suspect vehicle then sped away. Omar was shot and lost control, with his vehicle crashing into a tree. Omar died at the scene. 

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After nearly 2 weeks Ahsim and Jayland were arrested and charged with Omar's murder. Both suspects were already charged with murder in two separate cases that occurred in 2021, the suspects were out on bail at the time of Omar's murder.